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The Story of Prestige AquaWorld

Best in the Business

Main features of the 3D backgrounds for aquariums

Prestige AquaWorld 3D backgrounds are suitable for both aquariums and terrariums. The background can be made on the specified dimensions so it will be a perfect fit for your aquarium or vivarium. Another important feature of our 3D Background is that you don’t have to use silicone to fix the background inside the tank. The background will stay in place after sliding it inside the tank. Our aquarium decorations are made from safe-poly resin which is a very durable material that won’t be damaged by water or UV light. The backgrounds are real 3D so you can fully enjoy a unique experience and impress all of your guests with your new and innovative Prestige AquaWorld background. so you can fully enjoy a unique experience and impress all of your guests with your new and innovative background.

Handmade backgrounds

Our aquarium backgrounds are 100% handmade, being unique and hand-painted by talented craftsmen. You can completely change the aquascape of your tank and hide all the aquarium equipment behind the background. Empty space behind the 3d background allows you to camouflage the filter pipes, the heater, air tubes and any other equipment. From now on, you won’t have to clutter your fish tank with all sorts of plastic decor because you can get a natural-looking 3d Rock Background for your aquatic world. Our backgrounds help new fishkeepers and also professionals to aquascape the tank with minimal effort but with maximum attractiveness. The aquarium design can be changed really fast, within 15 minutes the 3d backing will be placed inside, with no hassle, no tank draining and no fish moving. The backing will stay in place while the entire aquarium design will completely change in a matter of minutes. It is important to know that the production of a made to measure background takes 3 weeks on average plus 1-2 weeks delivery.

As aquarists ourselves, we offer experienced, expert advice that you can trust… for everyone. To give you an idea of how good these products really are, take a little time to browse the 3D backgrounds picture section. Such natural-looking designs come with very realistic rock faces with colours and contours which replicate perfectly the most stunning aspects of the natural world, such as Malawi Lake and rich Amazonian rainforest streams.

We can produce any 3D background size to fit any aquarium model. Here you can find 3D Aquarium Backgrounds to fit Fluval AquariumsJuwel Aquariums. If you can't find the specific size of 3D background get in contact with us.

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